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How does "Scheduling" work?
How does "Scheduling" work?
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To schedule cover for an asset, tap on the asset and go to the 'Mode' tab.

In the 'Mode' tab, you can select the days you need cover for that asset. Cover will automatically be switched on and off according to your selection.

For the selected days โ€“

  1. Cover will be switched on at 00:00 that day.

  2. Cover will be switched off at 23:59 that day.

  3. If you select consecutive days, cover will remain on for the next day (i.e. if cover is selected for Tuesday and Wednesday, cover will switch on at 00:00 on Tuesday and switch off at 23:59 on Wednesday).

Please note: There is a maximum total sum insured amount for all your Home, Tech and Gear items that are covered at one time. If this maximum limit is exceeded, your cover will not switch on at 00:00 and you will be notified by email. Please read this article for more information about sum insureds and maximum limits.

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