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Policy Wording Changes: July 2023
Policy Wording Changes: July 2023
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JaSure is now called Santam Switch! JaSure has been updated to Santam Switch in the policy wording which is now: Santam Switch Personal Assets Insurance. All other important changes are highlighted below:

1. General

  • 1.2 Definitions - includes four new definitions: Cyber loss, Electricity grid failure or interruption, Municipality, and Power surge

  • 1.10 General exclusions:

    • Point 8. Cyber loss - has been updated

    • Point 9. Electricity grid failure or interruption - has been added

2. Single Items

  • 2.1 Definitions:

    • Accidental damage, Loss, and Theft - have been removed

    • Item - has been updated

    • Immovable object, and You/your - have been added

  • 2.3 Conditions of cover:

    • Point 1 (this is the case by definition) and 4 (theft from building) - have been removed

    • Point 3 (theft from vehicle), 5 (transit) and 6 (bicycles) - have moved to 2.4 Exclusions (see updates below)

  • 2.4 Exclusions - point 3:

    • a. - has been updated to reference the requirement to securely package your item during transit (from the previous 2.3 point 5)

    • c. - is an updated theft exclusion which no longer references forcible entry (from the previous 2.3 point 3)

    • d. - has been simplified from corrupted, damaged, lost or stolen electronic data (including, but not limited to, software, applications, photographs, images, films, music or other files stored electronically on your item); to the cost of reproduction or repair of data of any kind

    • k. - has been updated for clarity to include the words in bold: mechanical, electrical or electronic breakdown from an inherent defect in the item

    • m. - has been added: electronic viruses, trojans, worms or similar destructive media interferences

    • Three exclusions have been removed - incidents prior to cover start (as this is already excluded under 2.4 point 1); damage to tyres from braking, cuts, punctures, bursts or uneven road surfaces; and damage caused by weather to items not intended to exist outside

    • 2.4.1 Bicycles: Additional exclusions - has been added (from the previous 2.3 point 6). This new section describes the bicycle exclusions more clearly, and is not more restrictive.

3. Vehicles

  • 3.4 Conditions of cover - point 3 has been removed as this is the case by definition

  • 3.5 Exclusions:

    • Removed - pre-existing damage, faulty workmanship or incomplete repairs prior to an insured event, or defective design or manufacturing, or anything covered by any manufacturer’s warranty, purchase agreement or service contract;

    • Updated - legal costs and expenses incurred after the date that we paid or offered to pay the full amount of a claim, a lesser amount needed to settle a claim, or the maximum amount for which we are liable for a claim;

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