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How do I avoid cellphone theft?
How do I avoid cellphone theft?
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Do's and don'ts

  1. Don’t leave your cellphone on the dashboard or passenger seat while driving.

  2. Don’t leave your cellphone in an unattended vehicle.

  3. Don’t use your cellphone while walking in a public place.

  4. Don’t leave your cellphone unattended on a restaurant table, or in any other public place.

  5. Carry your cellphone in a secure pocket instead of your handbag which could be snatched.

Useful tips

  1. Insure your cellphone against theft.

  2. Keep your cellphone’s serial number and IMEI number in a safe place.

  3. Secure your cellphone with a PIN.

  4. If a cellphone is sold without its electric charger, it may have been stolen.

  5. Buy your cellphone from an established dealer so you can be refunded if the phone turns out to be stolen.

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